Retail Polished Concrete

retailpolishd44A Stone Medic Polished Concrete Floor combines function and practicality with a contemporary appearance. Polished Concrete is the perfect medium to create a brand image of the retail showroom. Each concrete floor is unique and can be designed to fit the ambience. The beauty and reflectivity of a Stone Medic polished concrete floor coupled with unparalleled durability has made polished concrete one of the leading floors for retail floors.

Low Maintenance: Polished Concrete floors eliminate the need to strip and wax your floors, while also eliminating the cost of labor or materials to do so. Aside from the occasional damp mopping, polished concrete floors will require very minimal maintenance.

retailpolished43XStone Medic Polished Concrete Floor you can save thousands in floor maintenance – or you can pay, and keep paying, for floor finishes that require frequent maintenance, reinstallations, and costly upkeep. Invest one time in a beautiful, quality, Stone Medic Polished Floor.

Polished Concrete is not like any other flooring finish. There is simply no comparison to other floor systems when it comes to the life of a polished concrete floor. Even the most durable carpet, linoleum, or VCT floors will require replacement at some time. Polished Concrete floors will be there as long as the slab exist – fifty or one hundred years. Routine cleaning is all that is required to maintain a smooth, dense, glossy floor. Polished floors can be put into service immediately after the process is complete.

RetailpolishedVinyl floors will only continue to look good when they are frequently waxed – then stripped – then waxed again creating significant cost each year. Epoxy and Urethane coating are beautiful at first but tend to lose their beauty quickly. Reapplications of these coating are expensive and may require shutting down your operations.

Stone Medic Polished Concrete floor is an affordable option – and comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns that will enhance and even match your décor. Since there is no coating of waxes and sealers there’s never a need to worry about polished concrete chipping, pealing, bubbling, or wearing off.

A Stone Medic Polished floor will never have to be replaced, reapplied, recoated or waxed. Maintaining your floor will only require routine maintenance.

A Stone Medic Polished Floor offers many benefits

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  • Hardening and Abrasive resistance
  • Permanently dust proof
  • Lowest Maintenance Cost
  • Can be Stained or Dyed to create decorative concrete
  • Not affected by moisture
  • Decrease in floor maintenance
  • Lowest 10-year life cycle of any flooring on the market
  • No need to strip and wax eliminating significant cost and down time
  • Available to traffic immediately following the application – unlike coatings
  • Environmentally Friendly and sustainable

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